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    The Guidices are pigs

    PIGS!  If you saw the most recent episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, then you know what I mean.

    "Aw, Joe!  You ran up the credit cards minutes before we filed for bankrupcty.  Fabulouuuuuus!"

    I hope their creditors were watching and taking notes. 

    Bethenny looked beautiful on Watch What Happens Live last night AND she said shit twice.  Bravo's so cocky that it didn't even bleep it out for the second airing!  Speaking of second airing, doesn't Kim G look like a goddamn crusty dusty evil doll?  Especially in that pink room with the daybed of a thousand pillows.  Ick.

    I have received word from Binta.  An update soon....


    What say you?

    House Beautiful selected Jeff Lewis to design its 2010 Kitchen of the Year, which was recently unveiled in Rockefeller Center.  Here he is giving a tour to the pervy (am I the only one who thinks that?) Al Roker, and no, that is not me screaming at the beginning of the clip:

    (If you're unable to view the video, photos are here.)

    The kitchen was loved by readers of Habitually Chic but mercilessly trashed on If the Lampshade Fits.  What do you think?  Beautiful and clean or boring and outdated?

    On a related note, in the video Jeff is explaining that he doesn't have food in his own kitchen. "I just have alcohol," he jokes.  Well, I thought he said "I just had alcohol."   So my heart started racing and I was all "OMG HE IS DRUNK IN THE MORNING!  ON NATIONAL TV!  I LOVE HIM!!!!"  Then I went to his website and wrote an email to him to that effect.   So I would just like make public apology to Jeff since he has probaby marked all of my email as spam.  Jeff Lewis, I am so sorry.  Obviously I was the one who was drunk in the morning (though thank God not on national tv).

    I hope you caught his appearance with RHONJ's Danielle on Watch What Happens Live.   He might have been a little buzzed then, but I can't be sure.  It's probably best for me to stop speculating about his sobriety.  Anyhow, he was sparkling and funny and Danielle was humorless and bony, which made for a magical show indeed.  If you missed it, here is a clip from the aftershow.


    Look what the turd factory burped up!


    I binged on two and a half hours of Bravo last night and have a nasty hangover, so I'm going to let you do all of the talking about Part 2 of the RHOC reunion.  What did you think about the husbands?  What about Slade as punching bag?  When he kept screwing up his timelines and Andy was calling him on it, weren't those silences deafening?  I am sore from cringing so much.  I have to admit that when Vicki started to throw her tantrum, I turned it off and slipped in the sweet oblivion of a Sex and the City rerun.  Vicki sucks ASS.   

    What about Nene and Jill on WWHL?  Nene looked like she had borrowed her entire outfit from Gene Simmons circa 1978, which was kind of AWESOME. But her make-up!  It was blinding in its iridescence and gloss.   

    I know some of you already commented on these matters in the previous post--thank you.  You bitches are really on the ball.  The rest of you, let it fly right here.  Adios, RHOC.


    UPDATE:  Also see the new


    "I do like leather couches from Restoration Hardware. And handjobs."

    Oh, YES!  Watch this (NSFW):

    (click through if you can't see video)

    Big congratulations to my favorite KCS Cougar for having his brilliance recognized by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last night.  See more wickedly funny videos here.


    More elegant and cheek

    Want to know how to change your space when it gets rully rully boring?  You're in luck; here is Kelly Bensimon's "apartment makeover":

    click through if you can't see the video

    Go here for the equally drastic bathroom makeover.  Par for the course, people.

    Real Housewives of New York City begins March 4.  In other words, NOT SOON ENOUGH.

    Guess who's going to be on Watch What Happen Live this Thursday?  Tamra Barney and JLew (!!!!!!!!!).  If I can get my act together, I'm going to post something really creepy in his honor. 

    Happy Monday, babies!

    (thanks to Michelle)