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    RZ Moments.

    1.  Rachel kissing Armani's hand, Pope-style.  I thought it was spontaneous and unaffected, very sweet.

    (Was anyone else surprised that Mr. Armani does not speaka da Inglese?)

    2.  The DVF pom-pom hat.  What the HELL. 

    Looks like a church craft fair barfed on her head. 

    (Was that too harsh?  I am sorry.  But even someone like Diane Von Furstenberg can't hit a homer every time, you know?  It's okay.)

    3. Speaking of heads--did you see Rodger's bed head on Valentine's Day?  Precious.  Absolutely precious, and I'm not even being sarcastic.  I wanted to hug the whole world when I saw that.

    4.  The prototypes for Rachel's coat line.  Thoughts?

    5.  Rachel trying on different outfits for her gays before the Matthew Williamson opening (check out the intro on his website--supercool).  What did you think about the length of the dress she chose? If it would have been me, I would have pulled out the duct tape to do some on-the-spot alterations.  But that is why Rachel is Rachel and I am at home polishing off a bag of Nutter Butters.

    6.  Tay.  I'm kind of feeling for her.  As several of you pointed out after last week's episode, she's the one doing most of the work while Rachel is doing the huge stuff and Brad is busy looking pretty and chit-chatting.

    7.  Boca Part II, Return of the Brightly Colored Jacket with Snaps:


    What did I miss?  Please opine.


    Business as usual: Taylor throws a temper tantrum

    Tonight on the Rachel Zoe Project:

    (if you can't see the video, click through)

    ...and New York shouts, "and STAY OUT, you nasty bitch!"


    Are your eyes drunk?

    They are if you've been sipping on the sweet, sweet nectar that is The Rachel Zoe Project. The shoes, the clutches, the jewels, the's all so shiny and sparkling and gorgeous.

    For example, is this not the most hubba-hubba look you have EVER seen?

    I mean, REALLY.  This is the very definition of buh-nanas.

    In other news, Taylor is still acting like a surly 16 year old who has spent a lot of time in juvie.

    Someone needs to wipe that effing look off her face.  (But how funny was Brad's imitation of her? Tee hee!)

    Frank and I had a big fight (again) over whether Rodger is gay.  (me: no, Frank: are you kidding me?!)  For those of you who watched, please opine on Rodger's new hairdo.  A little on the greasy side tonight.  I wish I could find a photo of it. 

    We need to talk about this:

    Many years ago, I worked with an alcoholic Southerner who was a bit effeminate.  Whenever a woman would come to our office wearing something pastel and/or matronly, he'd roll his bloodshot eyes and whisper in his thick whiskey-scented accent, "that's so Boca!" (as in Raton) and there would be the inevitable comment about eating dinner at 5pm. Then he would go back to his office and drink more whiskey.

    I'm sure this mint green leather jacket is lovely in person but on tv, it looks satin, and...Boca.  But I love you, Rachel.  And honestly, I am sitting here with my muffintop spilling out over some Gap shorts, so who am I to criticize?

    All right.  My eyes are threatening to pass out.  Tell me your truest, innermost feelings about RZ, Rodge, Taylor and Brad.



    Rachel's back TONIGHT!  Can you feel the ulcers?

    (who the hell is Ava?)

    Watch more videos here.



    THIS is so disturbing, I can't even post the picture. Her HEAD is bigger than her TORSO.

    (thanks to Michelle and Muranogirl for the tip)