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    Two astonishing facts revealed on The Rachel Zoe Project last night

    1.  Taylor did some bad shit that got her fired and despised.

    Team Zoe, not to mention Bravo, must have incontrovertible evidence that Taylor stole from Rachel.  Tay's reputation as an employee and as a human being was destroyed in this episode, so Rachel clearly isn't afraid of any slander lawsuits.  She crawled through stacks of shoes to burn Taylor's picture in the fireplace!  That's hate. 

    I too feel betrayed.  Even though I couldn't stand Taylor on the show, I bought her whole "I'm really a nice person!" act in this interview and I even bought the perfume she recommended!  (fyi, it smells like crap on me.)

    What do you think about the fact that Taylor didn't even contact Rachel to apologize?

    2.  Rodger loves football.

    What the hell?  Does this look like a man who enjoys football?

    NO.  I'm still trying to process this.  I didn't think he was gay but I never, not once, pictured him as the type to stretch out and watch football with his hand in his pants.  I'm not convinced.   


    Please feel free to also discuss Demi, Brad, Rachel's speech patterns, liquid eyeliner, and the fluttery feeling you get when you see all of the shoes and clothes.


    When you're already $11 million in the hole,

    what's another hundred grand for a christening party?  Just a drop in the bucket.  It's all going to be discharged in bankruptcy anyway, so what's the big deal?  Yeah, yeah.  No one will even notice. 

    I'm sure that's what Joe Guidice was telling himself here.  All broke and stubby and pre-heart attacky, with his wife shrilly in his ear "whatza matta, Joe?  Smiiiiiiiiiiile!"

    There are two possibilities here:  Joe didn't tell Teresa about their enormous financial problems, or she knew and kept piling on.  Either way, they both look like crooks.  Too bad Andy Cohen isn't around to name them Jackholes of the Week, because they ran away with it last night.  Can't wait to see her next "bankruptcy is no biggie!!!!" blog post.

    Do you think the check to the Brownstone cleared? 

    Speaking of clearing, that's what you need to do with your schedule for the rest of the week because we have some very rigorous tv watching ahead of us.  I'm not kidding--you'd better stock up on booze and processed food.  I might even give you some warm-up stretches to help with eye strain and bed sores.   

    Rachel Zoe - TONIGHT!
    Top Chef - Wednesday (anyone else watching?)
    Real Housewives of DC - Thursday
    Bethenny Getting Married Finale {sob} - Thursday

    and don't forget Flipping Out a week from today. 

    This is what you can expect from Rachel Zoe tonight:



    OH, wait!  One more thing--if you haven't seen Teresa's glorious Sizzle Tan commercial, you are in for a major treat.  Here it is:


    Who's the $1.7 million filthy nasty whore now?

    Tamra is!   (and it's probably closer to $1.70)

    Also, our little Taylor is all grown up.  Read THIS to hear about life after Zoe.  (thanks Sarah)



    Perhaps the only person on the earth who can work a (snug) 3-piece tweed suit.

    photo lifted from here


    RZ on QVC

    Rachel Zoe is officially introducing her line this Saturday (tomorrow) at 1pm (EST).  Check it out here.  Are you buying?  Do you think she'll get some pink acrylic nails to celebrate the occasion?

    I don't care how many celebrity brands QVC has, to me it will always represent hosts with long, fake nails and customers in "housecoats" and curlers, cigarette in one hand and phone in the other.

    I haven't watched last Monday's Rachel Zoe Project yet ( I know, I need to get my priorities straight), but LORD, I can't wait to find out what's going on with this mod Minnie Mouse get-up:

    Cuckoo.  (Looking good, Brad!)