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    Interesting EMPHASIS

    Don't you think?

    A good friend lost his battle with cancer this weekend and I just don't have a recap in me.  Looks like we have a mighty fine season shaping up though.  Catch you on the flip.  xo


    "Unless you're a doctor, you can't be calling people crazy."

    YES!  I know many people who have tested positive for crazy.  It's so tragic.  Doctors everywhere must dread the moment when they have to face a patient and speak the words, "I'm afraid I have some bad news.  You're crazy."  

    I am thrilled to report that Kelly Bensimon is still a TOTAL DIPSHIT (also a medical term).  Read her incomprehensible interview on season 4 here

    Real Housewives of NYC premieres tonight and here is the fluffed-up, screaming, crying preview.  Bravo's PR team says "try not to get teary-eyed."  Yeah, not really a problem.

    I don't want to jinx it, but I am definitely looking forward to this.  You?


    Too easy


    Neigh, Neigh!

    1.  Check out Kelly Bensimon's diet before posing for the March issue of Playboy (hint: another reason to smack her with a riding crop).  John Mayer's locker-room interview is in the very same issue!  Am I allowed to buy porn with two kids in tow?

    2.  From Jeff Lewis' facebook page:


    If that doesn't get your blood pumping, then I don't know what will. 

    3.  I said in the most recent radio recap with Mason that I am a grammar and spelling freak.  Let me clarify.  I am a grammar and spelling freak only when it comes to other people.  It's kind of like Countess Luann and manners. 

    4.  Something new for your ipod!  I have a feeling we're going to hear Tamra's cover of "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" very soon.

    5.  Real Housewives of Orange County tonight--Lynne is pissed that Alexa and Racquel's tv watching was interrupted by the eviction notice, and Alexis and Vicki have a heated dicussion re: Who Are You Permitted to Call at the Table when You're Out to Lunch?  It looks a little boring, but we'll whip it into something exciting.   Meet you back here soon.


    WHO HAS IT? (and a radio recap)


    Yes, I bid on the Brass Monkey Sit Down Dress and, YES, I LOST.  I wasn't planning to announce this until I had received all of my grants and funding, but I am in the process of creating The Real Housewives Library and Museum.  As soon as this dress was put up for auction, I knew it could be the centerpiece of the New York City collection.  It is arguably the most significant piece of clothing in the franchise, and I had planned to have it carefully preserved in order for it to be studied by Real Housewives scholars all over the world.  But someone outbid me.

    When I lost, we all lost.  I weep for the loss of this artifact, and for the invaluable knowledge that will never be gleaned from its green angora fibers.   What saddens me the most is that the dress is probably on its way to some wealthy socialite who sees this all as a joke, who will treat the dress carelessly and without appreciation.

    Ebay tells me "don't give up" and I won't, not until I know that this dress is in safe hands.  If anyone has an idea of the location of this dress, please email me at scentedglossymagazines[at]  The person who is able to offer me any clues leading to the dress will be receive a special plaque in The Kelly Bensimon Courtyard for Learning and Rully Rully Fun Times, a lush outdoor area near the museum's cafeteria.  This dress needs to be in The Real Housewives Library and Museum where it belongs.  Thank you.


    ALSO, I'm back on the radio with Mason from Seattle's Movin 92.5.  To listen to us gossip and bash Alexis' husband Jim, click below!

    RHOC, Family Discord