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    Bless his heart!

    You don't have to watch or listen to this to form a perfectly accurate opinion of it.

    (thanks AJM)


    Interesting EMPHASIS

    Don't you think?

    A good friend lost his battle with cancer this weekend and I just don't have a recap in me.  Looks like we have a mighty fine season shaping up though.  Catch you on the flip.  xo


    "Unless you're a doctor, you can't be calling people crazy."

    YES!  I know many people who have tested positive for crazy.  It's so tragic.  Doctors everywhere must dread the moment when they have to face a patient and speak the words, "I'm afraid I have some bad news.  You're crazy."  

    I am thrilled to report that Kelly Bensimon is still a TOTAL DIPSHIT (also a medical term).  Read her incomprehensible interview on season 4 here

    Real Housewives of NYC premieres tonight and here is the fluffed-up, screaming, crying preview.  Bravo's PR team says "try not to get teary-eyed."  Yeah, not really a problem.

    I don't want to jinx it, but I am definitely looking forward to this.  You?


    Back on the market and advertising the goods!

    Who's buying?  Anyone?

    Speaking of the goods,

    Did you see that Bravo has announced a new show starring Jeff Lewis?  Mmmm hmmmmmmmm!


    When I start to confuse you with Pam Anderson, you've got problems

    Be careful, Britney.  It's a slippery slope.

    In other news, there's been a whole lot of silence from my business associate, Mr. Peter Lee.  He wrote me an extremely long email last week and I responded by asking him if he was on twitter, because that might help him learn to condense a little bit.  Apparently he didn't like that because I haven't heard from him since.  That's okay.  I'll just hunt him down.  Who needs a crossbow when you just can fill a tube sock with $15 worth of change?

    What do you think about Bravo's new shows, Pregnant in Heels and Million Dollar Decorators

    I can't think of anything I would rather watch LESS than bitchy over-privileged pregnant women.  I would rather watch Tamra Barney have a threesome in a public pool than watch that show, if that tells you anything.

    The decorating show, I can get into.  It's still bitchy and over-privileged, but at least none of them are reproducing in front of our eyes.  What do you think?  Will you be watching, or are you just sitting tight
    until RHNYC?

    Pam Anderson Jr. photo from dlisted.