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    Kelly Wearstler's belly button and more

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    We all know from Kelly Wearstler's work and from her stint on Top Design that she marches to the beat of a different drummer. This and her innate sense of style is part of what makes her such an outstanding designer. However, she was "fugged" this past week--not for the first time-- and no one has mentioned it on the design blogs. I guess because technically it's not design. Anyhow. If you haven't read about this already, you should. Not only will it give you a chuckle, but it will make you feel better about yourself knowing that KWID makes mistakes too (but by all means if you think her dress is fab and appropriate outside of a brothel, please comment).


    I'll be right back

    I know that this blog is a tiny little newborn, and I hate the thought of already neglecting it, but things are wacko-crazy at my house. More on that later. Posting may be non-existent for the rest of the week, but I plan to be back over the weekend. Please, no one call social services in my absence.


    I am so not his target audience

    Okay, stick with me on this one.

    I live in Denver and for the most part, it is a very homogeneous town. Very white bread, vanilla ice cream, lots of upper and middle class white people running around exercising and talking about skiing.* The radio stations here are the same way; it's all Nickelback, The Fray, Rob Thomas over and over and over. As a result, I had heard of Kanye West but had never listened to his music, just thought he was an a-hole with a big ego and an even bigger yap and a misguided sense of fashion. Example:

    But then last week I happened upon this new radio station and I heard Gold Digger. Kanye? Are you out there, honey? I love you. This song is glorious. For real. It is lewd and degrading in many ways, but it makes me so happy for some reason.

    I understand that this song came out forever ago and that I am way behind the times, but I urge you now to shut the door to your office, listen to (more than watch) the video below and shake your moneymaker. I think you will feel compelled to do so. **

    *which is not to say that I don't like it, because I do. What it lacks in cutting edge culture, it makes up for by being beautiful. Have you ever been to a concert a Red Rocks? Nothing better, I tell you.

    **Note to self: idea for future post--deconstructing the lyrics of Kanye West. Just kidding! But not really.


    When you really really want to buy...

    those $268 pair of boots from J Crew, but you can't because your house is a money pit/you're trying to save money/ you really don't need another gd pair of boots, here are a couple of books that will shame your materialistic little soul into resisting:

    It's called A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.* Let's first get one thing clear: I don't read a lot of non-fiction, and science usually bores me to tears (and makes me feel extra stupid). The only reason I ended up having this book in my possession was that 1) I was accidentally in the science section, and 2) the cover was intriguing and 3) it was from the library so I didn't have to pay for it.

    That being said, this book is fascinating. Every sentence lets you know how tiny you are in the grand scheme of things, and how many millions of things have to go just right every day for the earth (and you, and those boots) to exist. It will make you want to kiss the ground and put on sunscreen and feel complete awe at some of the brilliant minds who have done all of this thinking for us so that we can watch Rock of Love. Read the first page and you will be hooked. And after you finish it, you will feel exceedingly retarded and useless yet consoled by the fact that you just read a big fat science book.

    The second book is A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner, one of my all-time favorite books. Most of it takes place in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, and dude, this was one depressing book, all the way through. If you want to read what it's like to lose everything and be horribly abused and treated with utmost cruelty, have at it. This is the book for you. It will make you feel ridiculous for wanting anything more than a clean burqa.

    So, after reading these books, you will still want the boots, or whatever it is you've been coveting. But it will take the edge off, my friends, and you'll feel some healthy self-loathing to boot.**

    *Why is the title so teeny and the author's name so big? Just noticed that. Muy interesante.
    **Ha ha, get it? Pun intended.


    Ha ha, good one, Domino!

    Domino magazine and I have a love-hate relationship. I was so eager to subscribe when it first came out, and I drooled over the first few issues. Then it got all uppity on me; I hate when magazines do a story on "Where to Find Affordable Art!" and the featured pieces are upwards of $1500. Dude, my idea of affordable art is etsy. Plus it seemed very NYC-centric and I don't like to support the rest of the country being rendered irrelevant. So in order to punish Domino, I didn't merely let my subscription run out, I CANCELED it. Oh yes, my sting is swift.

    I held out for six months or so and finally came crawling back. For the most part, I have been happy with the fact that I made up with Domino. I even peruse its website on occasion, and recently I came across the gallery featuring "inspiring" rooms from the Domino decorating contest . Most were stunning. But then there was this:

    Huh? Is this a joke? It makes me question everything about Domino, namely the eyesight of every single person who works there. THIS is what it takes to be on Domino's website? Four triangles (or upon closer look, maybe 8?) painted in unappealing colors and some flat pillows set at an angle? Oh, the poor girl who has to shiver under that thin bedspread! Was this's way of supporting designers in third-world countries? Then I read the room designer's comments:

    "I think this room is a winner because it is a unique pattern for a bedroom and the colors are in style this season. I was inspired to decorate this room because I wanted the colors to match the comforter and pillows while incorporating all of the colors in bed setting. What is phenomenal about my decorating job is that I was able to give my sister a room that is different from all of her high school friends and a room that she can rave about. It may surprise you that this was my first major decorating experience."
    — David from Philadelphia, PA

    It is indeed phenomenal that this person is not from a developing country but from Philadelphia. And I'm guessing that he is about 15-17 years old and maybe a-bit-in-the-closet gay. Okay. I take no pleasure in making fun of children, so I will instead say this to David's aunt who must work somewhere at shame on you! Whatever your sister did to guilt you into this, is it worth your job? Your self-respect? Now, delete this picture from the gallery before your boss finds out and then go buy your niece a nice fluffy down comforter.

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