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    Lucky Staffers Unite!

    Have you seen the new website of Lucky Magazine? I used to be addicted to Catch of the Day, and it's still there, I still look at it every once in a while, but they've added a new feature: Cute Outfit of the Day (aka Cute Girl of the Day, their term not mine). That's right, an official competition among employees--nay, girls--to see who looks the cutest every single day. I am equally enthralled and repelled by this concept, and holy shit this would freak me out if I worked there. You know that there is one girl who has not been picked and everyone is snickering behind her back and she's freaking out but trying to play it cool as she steals from the accessories closet and rushes home day after day to try on outfits for 4 hours and nobody at work is going to help her and she doesn't want anyone else at work to help her because she can do this on her own and because they would fucking sabotage her.*

    And then there's Gigi Guerra, who you know KILLS it every day, but she can't win every day because what would be the point? What IS the point of this competition? Public humiliation? And who is this judge?** That is the key question, because you know the bitch shows up to work and several staffers are shoving each other aside to give her her extra-hot organic soy decaf half syrup disgusting orange pumpkin spice latte and a foot massage. Does she line them up at 9 a.m. sharp and then walk past them with a clipboard, looking them up and down? Does she smack them on the hand with a ruler if the hem of their blousy dress doesn't hit in the right place? These women are not models with styled looks, they are (and I'm using this word loosely) journalists. I know that they work for a fashion magazine and should show up ready to rock, but a daily contest? This qualifies as undue stress, don't you think?

    *No I am NOT going to mention Devil Wears Prada here because that is a movie and this is real life.
    ** Is it you, Andrea Linett? Is it? (God, you are so behind the scenes that I can't even link to you. Very suspicious.)



    A few days ago, my husband asked me the age-old question: If Tim Gunn and Clinton Kelly were drowning in the ocean and you could only save one, who would you save?

    This question paralyzed me. And looking at their faces right now kills me. I look at Tim and I want to pick him. So kind yet so honest, so poised yet not at all stuffy. The man gets teary-eyed when he sees his make-over subjects transformed into confident, self-loving people. He is the definition of graciousness. How can I not pick him? But then I look at Clinton and I want to pick Clinton. He has one of the sharpest wits on tv (his website is even funny) but is never malicious toward the insane people who come on his show. I love his signature argyle sweaters, plus he puts up with Stacy London. Not only puts up with her, but brings out the best in her and even makes her likable.

    Choose? I would rather fling myself into the ocean and drown with them.

    Who would you save?


    Book for the week

    I'm starting this tonight if I can stop surfing the internet for 2 seconds. It's a memoir of a man (who happens to be Augusten Burroughs' brother) with Asperger's syndrome. Anyone else read it? I'll let you know how it goes.


    I'm all in favor of recycling, but ...

    SOL is Denver's premier lingerie shop in Denver's pricey Cherry Creek North. Why, why then are they soliciting used bras?

    Am I misinterpreting this? I did not know that dingy stretched-out bras were items that could be donated. Or do they only accept bras that are in excellent condition? But who would donate a bra in excellent condition? Donating a bra is like donating underwear or something, right? It just seems a little demeaning. What's next? Old toothbrushes? Q-tips? Yes, I know, 7 questions in one paragraph. It's a bit much. I'm just perplexed.

    **Update: I went to a consignment store today to find some shoes for the trailer trash Halloween party I am attending tonight, and what did they have, dangling from a big rack (no pun intended)? BRAS. Crazy.


    Tom DeLonge Scores

    Last Tuesday my husband had surgery to repair a torn ligament in his knee and he has been immobilized and in lots of pain. Added to this, my kids didn't have school this week and were in desperate need of entertainment that was not tv and food that was not previously frozen. Lots of nursing and tap-dancing on my part. But right now everyone is asleep and/or drugged up, and it is relatively calm around here. So let's get on with it!

    While my mother-in-law was at my house today and I was at the grocery store trying to find more things to buy so I wouldn't have to go home, I picked up In Style Home. And guess what. This guy here? Giving the devil horns? (Note: the website where I found this picture is apparently down, but I'm not going to replace it because I refuse to take out the term "devil horns" in this post. Let's just hope it gets back up soon!)

    He looks like he lives in his van. But no--he has a seriously beautiful home. He is Tom DeLonge, formerly of the band Blink 182 and currently of Angels & Airwaves. His wife, Jennifer DeLonge, designs furniture and interiors. I love love love her style:

    What I like most about this are the windows at the top. Normally I think that they would be ignored because they are tiny and up so high, and one would be inclined to paint the wall a light color and the windows would just blend. But no! She went dark* and the windows look like frames themselves. The chair and the lamp only add to the look, making the end result very cool, very rock-star-lives-here.

    And now for the baby's room:

    The valance, the grown up fabric on the little tiny chair, THE DAYBED. I could just die over that daybed. The chalkboard under the chair rail...hmmm. I can just picture my kids sliding their bodies across it and then rubbing up against the daybed.
    But still. Beautiful.

    The living room:

    Please ignore my hugely inept scanning job and just look at the colors. How about those black accents? Ahhhh, my eyes are happy. I just want to take that fur throw and curl up on that couch and be all skinny and rich. WAY TO GO, Tom DeLonge. I don't know you, but it appears that you married way above yourself.

    *What color is it? I wish I knew. Nothing in the resource section.

    All photos courtesy of In Style Home, Fall/Winter 2007.