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    Let's Get It On!

    Happy Thanksgiving, my dear bloggy friends.
    (SJP, I was so thrilled to see you on Project Runway tonight! Please help yourself to more mashed potatoes and gravy. And pie. Thanks! sgm)

    photo courtesy of dockmaster, via flckr


    Linky Haiku

    who put you on sale
    I'd wear you with this number*
    now come to mama

    *But in red. Update--apparently the link is not working. This will destroy the whole mysterious vibe of my poem, but here it is, the Rendition dress at Anthropologie, $138:

    photo courtesy of t1855 on flckr.


    Mea Culpa

    Well. Ahem. For the past few years, I have been begging my husband to agree to an artificial tree, not because I particularly liked them but because I thought that it was the eco-friendly choice. I felt such guilt ripping a tree from the ground just so we could doll it up and smell it for 30 days. Little did I know that artificial trees are actually eco-evil-to-the-core. And somewhat tacky, but I already knew that. I hate being wrong (and having no power of persuasion), but I am also feeling relieved of my self-righteous burden. I just love that evergreen smell.

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    Attention please. This is directed to anyone out there over 15 years of age using "69" in his or her email address: STOP IT.

    I know 2 people who have the suggestive number in their email addresses; I am related to one (by marriage, I feel compelled to add) and I am merely acquainted with another (which is even worse). I love a good dirty joke, but execute it properly. This is funny. Getting a "69" email from the guy who is organizing your class reunion is not. It is creepy. I don't care if you were born in 1969 or you wore #69 on your high school jersey--no one will recall this when seeing your email in her inbox. And no, email addresses of this kind cannot be used ironically.

    For the love of God, and for the sake of my mind's eye, get a new email address. Thank you.

    photo courtesy of ashleigh ide on flickr


    Quite possibly the best compliment evah

    Recently my 6 year old told me that he thought his aunt, my sister, looked like Liesl Von Trapp. And it's kind of true. My sister almost passed out when I told her; sadly, I didn't get any of those Von Trapp genes.

    Incidentally, the actress who played Liesl, Charmian Carr, is an interior designer. Michael Jackson was one of her clients for many years in the 80s and he was a freak even then. I can't really find any photos of her work but she does design custom furniture (and sell canine shampoo?). It's crazy expensive and not my style, but I can't bring myself to make fun of Liesl so check it out here if you like.